Angels in Spiffy Tuxedos: A Movie Review

I’d like to submit another entry for “angels portrayed in media.” It’s a movie from several years ago called The Adjustment Bureau. These guys don’t call themselves angels and they don’t specifically say that they work for God, but we’re meant to assume that religions and mythologies throughout history have been referring to these guys in nice suits and spiffy hats, including Anthony “Falcon” Mackie and Terrence Stamp.
This movie is a mashup of Men in Black and that Sliding Doors movie. The tuxedo guys can predict the future with uncanny accuracy and Make Things Happen from small things that could be mistaken for chance to bigger things like changing how people reason or erasing their personality – anything that helps them keep humanity on track according to the Chairman’s Master Plan.
The Plan involves Matt Damon winning a bunch of elections. It doesn’t involve him falling in love with Emily Blunt. But Damon is very good at one thing: changing his mind at the last second and doing something stupid. This makes him the Adjustment Bureau’s greatest enemy.
But to be clear, Matt Damon is portrayed as the hero, trying to fight so-called destiny and be with his dream girl. Terrence Stamp and his spiffy hat-wearing friends are the bad guys. Meaning, by extension, the Chairman (God) and his Master Plan must be bad. It’s Supernatural all over again.
But the Adjustment Bureau is a good movie, in general. It’s about chance encounters and genuine human interactions. It’s well-acted and it flows nicely.

*Spoilers Ahead.* If I’ve piqued your interest, go watch the movie, then come back. If you don’t mind, just keep reading. Ready? Here we go.

From a nerd perspective, the third act is the movie’s downfall. Mackie shows Damon behind the Men in Gray’s curtain. The explanation of how things work seemed needlessly confusing and I found it boring. The movie might have been better if they kept the truth shrouded in mystery.
But then the very end of the movie makes it a bit better from a Christian perspective. It turns out Damon is so good at going outside the Master Plan that the Chairman is willing to change destiny-as-written for him and his dream girl. The “Chairman” changed his mind a few times in the Bible, too. So maybe this movie isn’t so blasphemous after all.
Final Verdict: 7.5/10; well-acted, good concepts, shaky ending


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